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 Rancho Park / Cheviot Hills - Single Family Property
2621 Midvale Ave., Los Angeles, California 90064

Single Story, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Fireplace, Hardwood and Ceramic Tile Floors
2 Car Detached Garage-Bonus Room,  Laundry-Utility Room, Work Shop w/storage




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Rani Singh / Tim Jarnot    
   Keller Williams Realty - Brentwood Office  

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This traditional ONE OWNER 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with attached Patio - Utility / Laundry room, Bonus Room and a Workshop with storage is offered for the first time ever.  The residence is situated on a peaceful, tree lined, well lit street with close by access to the 10 & 405 freeways.  Convenient shopping and dining is within easy walking distance of the Westside Pavilion located a mere two blocks North. This ideally located Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills home is within the boundaries of the coveted Overland Avenue Elementary School, Webster Middle School and University High School. Buyer to verify school boundaries with L.A.U.S.D.

This home has just undergone a complete renovation and sits on a large .138 acre / 6,000 sq ft / 120' x 50' lot.  NOTE:  The square footage of the residence indicated in the property records is the 'original' square footage and does not reflect any additions including those that were made with building permits. Buyer to verify square footage,


The wood shingle roof was replaced with composition shingles.

The electrical service provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (D.W.P.) was legally (building permits issued) upgraded to 100 AMPS with a new breaker box and additional breakers added.

The plumbing was upgraded and copper piping was installed throughout.  A 50 gallon gas water heater was installed.  Sprinkler systems were added to both the front and rear yards and the majority of the original clay sewer pipes were replaced with pvc pipes.

The 2 Car Detached Garage was converted to a 360 sq. ft. multi-use room.  Completely insulated the interior walls and ceiling were covered with tongue and groove knotty pine.  Numerous additional upgrades have been made to this 360 square foot area, more information below.

Living Room & Porch Area
The original porch area was incorporated into the LIVING ROOM.  NOTE: This expansion of the Living Room which provided significant additional living space was accomplished without a building permit and therefore is not reflected in the square footage of the property records on file.

Entryway & Front of House
A  used brick facing was added on to the front & side of the house (permits issued) along with a pathway and porch area of used brick. A Double Gate of Wrought Iron was added to the driveway to provide secure entry to the Garage and Backyard areas and for safety Wrought Iron Railings were added to both the front and rear porch areas.  Note: The front porch area overhang was completely rebuilt during the current renovation including all new supporting beams and knotty pine facing.

New Bathroom & Closet Space
A New Bathroom was added to the Master Bedroom.  Additional closet space located behind double sliding mirrored doors and running the entire length of the bathroom was also incorporated into this addition. NOTE: Building permits were issued but the added sq ft are still not on the property records on file.

Custom Built Knotty Pine Cabinets were installed in the kitchen.

Patio - Utility / Laundry Room
A Patio - Utility / Laundry room was added onto the kitchen area of the house with plumbing, electrical and gas lines included for water heater, washing machine, gas dryer and a freezer. The building permits issued were for the addition of a "patio".  Further information on this area is provided below.

Workshop / Storage
A workshop - storage area was constructed on a slab (no permits issued) of approximately 10' x 18' which was added onto the rear area of the garage. This area is perfect for those do-it-yourself projects or hobbies that require a work area and tools,  It contains a workbench with plenty of pegboard and hooks to hold a vast quantity of tools and garden utensils. The rest of this room is comprised of shelving thus reducing clutter in the house and making the storage and retrieval of those items that are only used occasionally a simple task.

Interior - General


Upgraded Electrical & Plumbing

New switches and receptacles have been installed throughout the residence.  GFI receptacles have been added to the kitchen and bathrooms where appropriate.  Lighting has been upgraded inside and out. New brass lamp post type motion sensing lights have been  installed on both the front and rear porches along with motion sensing dual floods to illuminate the driveway and back yard areas.  Decorative low voltage and solar powered Malibu lights have also been installed in the front yard. An easy access multi-directional sewer line clean out has been installed.

Disclosure:  The wiring in the house consists of a mixture of 3 conductor plastic coated wire through aluminum or steel conduit and the original cloth wrapped 2 conductor Romex, therefore while all the outlets have been updated to the new 3 prong type, many do not have the additional ground conductor connected. 

New Windows & Doors

All the original wood framed single pane windows and their casings have been replaced with NEW WINDOW MASTER, VINYL, DUAL PANE, FRENCH STYLE, LOW E ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOW SLIDERS. In addition all the interior doors have been replaced with NEW 6 PANEL DOORS with the Living Room to Hallway treated with a NEW FRENCH STYLE, 10 LITE, SOLID WOOD DOOR and all now feature European style hardware.  Highlighting the new windows and doors is NEW GENUINE SOLID OAK CASE MOLDING.

New Ceramic Tile Floors

The floors of the KITCHEN, ORIGINAL BATHROOM and the MASTER BATHROOM have been upgraded with NEW CERAMIC TILE FLOORING.  UNDER THE TILES: The plywood sub floors of both bathrooms have been replaced with new sub floors over which a new secondary sub floor of non-flexible cement backer board was installed to provide an optimum surface for the new ceramic tiles.  In the kitchen ALL the old flooring was removed including the original wood planks.  New wood planks were then attached to the joists and were then  covered with two new sub floors, one of plywood and an additional sub floor of cement backer board over which the new ceramic tiles were laid. 

Refinished Hardwood Floors

The house was built with SOLID OAK HARDWOOD FLOORS.  These original hardwood floors have been protected by carpeting for approximately 50 years.  Any damaged planks were replaced and then the hardwood was completely sanded to bare wood and refinished with multiple coats of extremely durable Polyurethane Floor Coating.  Surrounding the newly refinished hardwood floors is NEW GENUINE SOLID OAK BASE MOLDING.

Walls & Ceilings

The entire interior has been stripped of multiple coats of paint to bare smooth walls and ceilings.  Walls and ceilings that have had extensive patching have been completely removed and replaced with new drywall including the living room which features a complete new ceiling. The walls and ceilings were then painted with a minimum of 2 coats of high quality paint.  Highlighting the interior is NEW GENUINE SOLID OAK CROWN MOLDING which has been installed throughout the residence.

Original Bathroom  

The original bathroom has been totally rebuilt.  New drywall has been installed in most areas.  The old sub floor of plywood was removed and two new sub floors were installed, one of plywood and secondary sub floor of cement backer board to provide optimum backing for the NEW CERAMIC TILE FLOOR.  The walls, ceiling and both doors have received multiple coats of High Quality Durable Enamel Paint.



Master Bathroom

The Master Bathroom has been painted with High Quality Enamel Paint and the Oak Vanity and matching medicine cabinet have been refinished with coats of Verathane Polyurethane.  A NEW CERAMIC TILE FLOOR has been installed over new sub floors of plywood and cement backer board. 

Living Room

The entire living room ceiling was completely removed and replaced.  During the process it was noted that one of the main beams was causing the living room ceiling to be slightly out of level.  To alleviate this and ensure a NEW CEILING that was level the beam was first leveled and once that was accomplished a long section of HEAVY DUTY GIRDER STEEL was placed on each side of the beam and large thru bolts were then installed resulting in a level, strongly reinforced main beam, far exceeding it's original strength.  The newly painted Living Room features a WOOD and/or GAS burning fireplace (artificial gas burning logs installed). A TWO DOOR GLASS FIRE SCREEN, GENUINE MARBLE FACING outlined with genuine oak molding enhance the appearance and functionality of the fireplace.   A NEW 52 inch CEILING FAN with a 6 FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL allows one to easily adjust the speed of the fan and dim or brighten the living room lights without leaving the comfort of their seat. A unique NEW DIMMER CONTROLLED MULTI-TIERED CHANDELIER has been installed in the dining area.

The Living Room to Hallway door has been replaced with a NEW FRENCH STYLE 10 LITE SOLID WOOD AND GLASS DOOR.  Electrical has been updated with new switches and receptacles.  New Solid Oak Crown, Case and Base Molding and the refinishing of the HARDWOOD FLOORS to a durable glass like finish are the coup de grāce in this rooms renovation. 

Patio - Utility / Laundry Room

The entire patio - utility / laundry room has been rebuilt to include a  NEW COMPOSITION SHINGLE ROOF AND NEW INTERIOR CEILING AND WALLS. The installed used appliances which are included are a 50 GALLON GAS HOT WATER HEATER, WASHER AND GAS DRYER and an 18 cu. ft. FREEZER. This addition build conveniently off the kitchen also features a Ceramic Tile Floor and may be accessed either from it's own exterior solid wood and glass 15 Lite French style door or from the original bathroom which conversely allows convenient exterior access to the bathroom. 

The backyard may be viewed through two large windows which also provide excellent ventilation.   Cabinets and countertops make tasks substantially easier to accomplish. To simplify the task of storing and retrieving needed supplies each of the corner cabinets feature a HUGE LAZY SUSAN.

Disclosure: To fully comply with the building code and the permits issued when building this "patio" room addition would require the removal of the entry door.  In order to comply with the departments definition of "patio" one side is to remain open.  (It has been enclosed since 1989 without problem.)   Return to top of page


Walls, Ceiling and Floor

All the base cabinets were removed and the floor was completely removed all the way to the joists then a new plank floor was attached to the joists over which secondary sub floors of plywood and cement backer board were installed to provide a durable non-flexible base for the NEW CERAMIC TILE FLOOR.  New drywall was then installed on the ceiling and most of the walls.


The cabinets now feature a rustic look which has further brought out the beauty and grain of the natural wood. To achieve this the facing of cabinets were stripped down to bare wood, finish sanded, stained and then two coats of protective polyurethane coating were applied.   New brass hinges and brass drawer handles provide the finishing touch on these custom built cabinets.  

Countertops & Splashboards

The base cabinets have had the old counter tops and splashboards removed all the way to the frame. The frames were then reinforced and a NEW COUNTER TOP of 1 1/2 inch THICK HARD ROCK MAPLE BUTCHER BLOCK was installed.  Separate cutting boards of the same material are also included.  Countertops of thick HARD ROCK MAPLE BUTCHER BLOCK provide a practical, durable and easily maintained countertop with the beauty of natural wood which should last a lifetime.  Should a scratch. nick or burn mark occur, this type of countertop can be easily and inexpensively returned to it's original glory in just a few minutes by just a bit of sanding and a quick touchup coat of polyurethane  (try to do that if you damage a granite countertop).   Splashboards of contrasting MOSAIC CERAMIC TILE were installed and also surrounds the stove area, providing a washable easy to maintain grease free surface. 

The kitchens workspace has been expanded with the addition of a new base cabinet running almost the entire length of one wall, with  a matching maple butcher-block countertop and splashboard of mosaic ceramic tile. This new workspace also features a second NEW STAINLESS STEEL SINK conveniently located next to the Bosch Dishwasher.



Used appliances included are: Refrigerator, Bosch Dishwasher, Gas Stove, Washer, Dryer and Freezer.


Bonus Room - Office / Den / Family Room / Extra Bedroom

This INSULATED, CARPETED and AIR CONDITIONED 360 sq ft area currently features a separate digital phone line and cable broadband connection with both services provided by Time-Warner and also a DirecTV satellite feed.  A separate 20 amp circuit breaker feeds the multiple electrical outlets.  This multi-purpose space features a remote controlled window mounted Air Conditioner, two  52" ceiling fans with light kits all of which provide excellent lighting and ventilation. Genuine tongue & groove knotty pine ceiling and walls make this a truly warm & comfortable "garage" 

During the current renovation NEW COMPOSITE SHINGLE ROOF, NEW CUSTOM MADE KNOTTY PINE GARAGE DOOR W/3 WINDOWS, NEW WALKWAY OVERHANG AND A NEW SIDE ENTRY DOOR were added, all of which enhance, upgrade and add to the functionality and enjoyment of this multi purpose "Bonus Room".  A NEW MOTION SENSING DUAL FLOOD LIGHT has also been added to the exterior which will illuminate the exterior area and yard during any activity in the area.  Additional exterior lighting is provided by a fluorescent fixture mounted to the overhang walkway and brass lamp post type fixtures on each side of the door.


On one occasion while doing a routine inspection on upgrades that the Department of Building and Safety had issued permits for, the owner was issued a written citation by the Department to return this area to its original status as a  "garage".  The OWNER COMPLIED  and the Department signed off on the correction.   In order to fully comply with the Department's order and the cited codes the owner had to remove two large nails which prevented the main garage door from opening and reinstall the garage door springs which had been removed.  No other changes cosmetic or otherwise were required.  The owner was informed that as long as the main garage door can be opened this area meets the code definition of a "garage".  It is not a code violation to have windows installed in the main garage door or to cover the interior walls of a garage with paneling or similar material nor is it a code violation to watch TV or use your computer or engage in other recreational activities in your own garage.  In addition should one wish to park or otherwise maintain their vehicle(s) in this area, they will be gratified to know that if you so desire it also is not a code violation to park your vehicle on carpeted floors!! 


After installing the New Main Garage Door it was decided for aesthetic reasons to leave off the springs and hardware necessary to make this door functional.  Included with the sale is a set of New Heavy Duty Garage Door Springs and associated hardware.  Should the purchaser wish the springs installed to make the main door functional we will be happy to oblige.Return to top of page

Exterior - General

The entire residence including the House, Patio, Garage and Tool Shed has been painted with multiple coats of High Quality Exterior Paint.

Front & Rear porches:

The porch areas both front and rear have been completely redesigned and rebuilt with New Beams. The newly rebuilt overhangs feature Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine facing that has received multiple coats of Polyurethane which allows the beauty of the natural wood grain to show and in addition provides protection from the elements.  The  wrought iron railings on both the front and rear porch areas along with the driveways double wrought iron gate leading to the backyard and garage have been repainted with a high quality rust preventing enamel paint.


New energy efficient motion detecting light fixtures have been installed in both the front and rear porch areas of the residence and a unique new chandelier has been added to the front porch.  Energy efficient motion sensing lights have also been installed in the driveway and backyard areas which will brightly illuminate those areas from dusk to dawn whenever there is activity. Outdoor electrical receptacles were also added to both of these motion sensing light fixtures providing a convenient source of power.  New Colorful Energy Efficient Low Voltage Malibu lighting has been strategically placed around the front landscaping and pathway providing additional dusk to dawn illumination.

Front & Rear Yards:

The previously installed SPRINKLER SYSTEMS  in both the front and back yards has been carefully inspected and any outlets not functioning at full efficiency have been replaced. The backyard is fenced on all sides and boasts thriving mature Orange, Apple and Lemon Trees. An additional reward is a bountiful harvest of Hass Avocados from a friendly neighbors tree which overhangs the backyard and provides shade and fruit. 

Those that enjoy planting and maintaining their own gardens will be particularly gratified with the results of their labor when it is combined with the amazing soil in the back yard of this home.  Over the years the original owners have planted a wide variety of flower blossoming plants and numerous fruit bearing trees and vines including apples, oranges, figs, apricots,  nectarines, peaches, plums and more, all rapidly matured to provide bountiful harvests. Some of the trees were actually removed due to the mess caused by an over abundant yield.  Vegetables and fruits such as Strawberries, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots and Onions and more have all thrived when planted.

Property Features:

   HOUSING TRACT NUMBER: 12385   l     LOT NUMBER:  76    l    PAGE GRID NEW: 632-D6

  • Area: Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills
  • Lot Size: 120' x 50' / .138 acres / 6000 sq ft 
  • Approx sq ft (1)
  • Single story
  • Style: Traditional
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • Living room
  • Laundry / Utility room / Patio
  • Hardwood & Ceramic Tile floors
  • Fireplace: Wood and/or Gas - Living Room
  • Heating: Thermostatically controlled gas floor furnace
  • 2 covered parking spaces \ Detached 2 Car Garage
  • Interior features: Hardwood & Ceramic Tile Floors, Ceiling Fans throughout, Dishwasher, New Disposal, Gas Stove/Oven, New Over the Stove Microwave Oven, Butcherblock Counters, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washer, Gas Dryer, New Whirlpool Bathtub.
  • Exterior features: Sprinklers front and back, Fruit Trees, Security Lighting, Colorful Low Voltage Garden/Path Lights, DirectTV Satellite, Cable Broadband Internet and Cable Digital Phone Service and available Cable TV.
  • Roofing: Composition, Shingle

The square footage in the records of the country recorder indicate only the original square footage of the residence and have not been updated to include any authorized (building permits issued) additions.   - buyer to verify sq. footage





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